Bridge CMMs


High-throughput measurements of complete part surfaces with high measuring point density


Optical high-resolution measurements of miniature size and form features on challenging surfaces


General-purpose measurements of size and form features with high performance tactile scanning


General-purpose measurements of size features with highly repeatable touch-trigger probing

Leitz Reference Precision

High-precision fixed probe head measurements of tight tolerance parts

Leitz Reference Flexibility

High-precision measurements of tight tolerance parts with maximum application adaptability

Leitz PMM-C Precision

Ultra-high accuracy fixed probe head measurements to the tightest part tolerances

Leitz PMM-C Flexibility

Ultra-high-accuracy measurements of tight tolerance parts with maximum application adaptability

Explorer Performance

Combining breakthrough design, proven construction, latest controller technology, PC-DMIS software and multi-sensor probe systems

Leitz Infinity

Leitz Infinity – Most accurate CMM within its class

Explorer Classic

Available in a broad range of sizes, Explorer Classic combines innovative design with proven construction and patented technology

4.5.4 SF

With thermal isolation, temperature compensation, elastomeric isolation dampers and no need for compressed air...

7.10.7 SF

Designed from the ground up to meet the needs and demands of shop-floor users, the 7.10.7 SF is the ideal CMM for machine shops...