The Top Choice for Wireless, Self-Contained, 6DOF Motion Tracking Across Large Areas

The LIBERTY™ LATUS™ (Large Area Tracking Untethered System) provides the perfect solution for tracking applications that require coverage over a large area. Capable of tracking up to 12 independent, self contained markers, the person or object being tracked requires no wired connections, allowing for complete freedom of movement.

Polhemus Large Area Tracking Untethered SystemTrue 6DOF data means you get both position and orientation natively, without the need for further calculations, post processing or error-prone hybrid sensor fusion; the system does the work for you. Utilizing our proprietary AC electromagnetic technology, LIBERTY™ LATUS™ does not rely upon line-of-sight and since no cameras are used; consistent full 6DOF tracking is always achieved. Key features are highlighted below; see the LIBERTY™ LATUS™ brochure for a complete description and product specifications.Key Features

  • WirelessTruly wireless tracking means complete freedom of movement for the user
  • Large Area TrackingTracking coverage of up to several hundred square feet can be achieved, as each system is scalable up to 16 receptors
  • System ScalabilityFour receptor channels are available on the standard system; upgrade to 8, 12, or 16 receptor channels within the same chassis simply by adding circuit boards

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